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  • Reduce Support Tickets and Chat Requests with Dynamic Knowledgebase

    Give answers to your visitors 24/7 - let them find answer in dynamic helpdesk. There is no need to change subpage, navigation is intuitive and easy. Install IzzyHelp now and make your business better!
  • Handy Helpdesk Floating On Your Website

    One line of code to add floating helpdesk bar, it will automatically appear on bottom-right corner of your website, forum, shop or blog.
  • Dynamic Knowledgebase

    One click and visitor can find answer to his questions - no page reload is needed, questions can be categorized and visitor can navigate dynamically, with page sliding effect.
  • Submit-a-Ticket

    No answer found or real contact needed? Submit a ticket from the same handy helpdesk.

Support Customers Easier. Save Time and Money!

Innovative Admin's Dashboard - place, where you can view & reply support tickets,
no page reload - quick and easy!

  • As easy as Drag & Drop - build answer box today!

    Tree menu interface with drag and drop feature, to make your work easier: create list of the most frequent questions you receive from visitors and customers, sort it in categories and your visitors will never as these questions again! If they still want to contact you - they can submit a ticket which will appear on your dashboard.
  • Knowledge Tree Menu

    Add questions, and drag them to their categories, so visitor can easily find answers. WYSIWYG editor built-in, no need to know HTML or any other coding language!
  • Online Dashboard - Reply Support Tickets

    Modern interface, no need to repload page - preview and reply tickets as quick as never before. Keyboard shortcuts, canned messages and more features to make your support-work easier!

    Dashboard will refresh itself - automatically, and play sound when new message is waiting for a reply.
  • Add to any page with 1 line of code

    As soon as you have installed IzzyHelp on your server, you can add it to your website with 1 line of code: if you use CMS, Shop, Forum or Blog platform with templates support - add this line of code to the bottom of template file, it will appear on all subpages!

from $49: Buy and Get it Now!

Instant download. Only PHP & MySQL needed, no root access, no coding knowledge to install.

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